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Bruce Mars

 Fee Payments Made Easy

In our efforts to keep international transactions fee to the barest minimum to $0 we have partnered with our payment solutions provider PayToStudy. Using the link given below, you will register with PayToStudy and authorize your payment directly from your bank. 

Once the payment clears from your bank, our payment parnter PayToStudy moves the money to our account in Canada. Through this arrangement you don't have to visit a currency converter brokerage center or money transfer center but simply do it from the convenience of your home. You will have to go through some basic security and verification processes to confirm on identity and account info but once done the process is pretty easy. 

This convenience just saves a lot of money on your transaction fee and it also saves you more by avoiding a trip and the time you had to dedicate. READY now? Please note that you will be directed to a new window of PayToStudy to register and make your payment. Once you complete a payment please email the reference number. 




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