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Benefits of studying in Canada

Why Study in Canada
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If you are considering Canada for your higher education needs, you have certainly made the wisest choice.  Here are some facts that you need to be aware of


  • Canada boasts to be the second largest country in the world and is very beautiful to live in and enjoy a greatly satisfying life in general.

  • Canadian economy is one of the strongest in the world arena.

  • Canada has some of the top most universities and colleges that offer world class education. In fact, Canada has some of the top ranking universities listed among the world’s 200 best universities.

  • Canadian institutions offer a wide variety of programs for international students and the quality of education is excellent


  • A degree or diploma or a certificate from a Canadian institution is highly valued in all the countries across the world.


  • Canada has one of the largest multicultural society living all across the country which makes it the most tolerant and non-discriminating society.


  • Students enjoy a unique campus style in all the institutions.


  • Canada has the reputation of being the safest country.


  • Canada has great employment opportunities for international students during studies and after graduation. Canadian government offers various options for successful students to become permanent residents.


  • 95% of international students have recommended Canada as their destination for studies.


  • Canada has seen a steep increase of 92% in international students arriving for studies.


  • In 2015 there were 353000 International students studying in Canada and by the end of 2016, there were more than 414,000 active study permits issued by the government.


  • Above all, Canada is still very cheaper than all the major educational destinations like USA, UK and Australia. This means a considerable saving for the international student community


Canada is becoming an educational sanctuary of choice for international students. No wonder the International student community is increasingly becoming aware of the reputation for quality education, diverse opportunities and a safe and secure environment.

Canadian education not only offers the best standards in education but it also provides great career opportunities for university and college grads and the government offers opportunities to those successful candidates to become permanent residents upon fulfilling some eligibility criteria. 

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